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Sentinel 1/4 HP System / w 100' of weighted airline

For ponds up to approximately 1 acre in size.

Effective aeration can be achieved in 1/4 acre ponds 5 to 8 feet deep, 1/2 acre ponds 8 to 12 feet deep, and 1 acre ponds 12+ feet deep.

The Sentinel 1/4 HP aeration system uses the all new Stratus ERP rocking piston compressor which creates up to 3.5 CFM air flow while drawing 2.5 amps on a 115 volt system. Optional 230v systems are available upon request. Operational costs are approximately 55 cents a day and it can work in ponds up to 50' deep.

The base kit includes the 1/4 HP compressor, 100' of 3/8" weighted airline (we highly recommend the weighted line for durability), and a single EP plate diffuser. All necessary clamps and couplings are included. Need more airline? You can find it here.

**Keep in mind this compressor must be protected from the weather and elements in some way. The kit without a cabinet is fine for use with an existing outbuilding or other protection. Optional packages include a post mounted cabinet (4x4" post not included), and a ground based cabinet.

The deluxe kits include a locking steel cabinet of your choice, cooling fan, accessory electrical outlet, pressure release valve, and a pressure gauge.

By default, this kit comes with a single diffuser, however the compressor is capable of running up to two diffusers as well. This is useful if your pond is oblong or spread out, or very shallow. With the addition of a 2 way valved splitter, a second diffuser, and additional airline, the 1/4 HP system can be expanded to cover more area. You can find the diffuser add on kit in the related products tab on this page.

Includes a 2 year warranty on the compressor, and a 5 year warranty on the airline, diffusers, and cabinet.

You won't find a better performing aeration system for the money!

Got additional questions, be sure to ask us here.

For a comparable system in our best performing line of sub-surface aerators, check out the Kasco RA1 pond aerator.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review
Sentinel 1/4 HP Aeration System

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Huge Improvement In My Pond

I want to thank Mark and the staff for walking me thru the installation of the Easy Pro farm pond aeration system. The 1/4 HP rocking piston compressor is working GREAT! I've had it up and running 24/7 for exactly four weeks today, and the improvement in my pond is AMAZING! I've been using Biospheres for one year, and they have helped the algae growth significantly, but the SRC25 aeration added to the Biosphere has brought algae growth to a HALT! The fish seem much more active, too.
Thanks so much!

Wally Ruiz
Well Engineered

The kit is easy to install. Works as advertised. I thought it came with a pole that was integral with he cabinet, but instead it mounts to a 4X4 wood pole that you buy at any Home Depot.

Storm Eagle
aeration system with enclosure

The team identified a problem with my order without my knowledge, so they saved me time and made my system more efficient. The only negative about the system involves the actual enclosure. The lid and the key lock rattle loudly. I think I am going to try to apply foam weather stripping where the lid rests so that the lid will fit snug and hopefully decrease the rattle of metal against metal sound.

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