Airmax Aeration Systems For Long-Lasting, Reliable, And QUIET Service For Your Pond

We're just coming off a long weekend as I write this so the memory is fresh on my mind.

We spent a somewhat relaxing day out at a friend's pond and all in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

We caught some fish, did a little swimming, had some cold drinks, and got caught up on everyone's lives.

airmax-aeration-ps10-600.jpgBut do you know what I remember the most?

The loud, obnoxious, aerator that was humming...

No, I stand corrected, it was more like whining in the background!

Like a spoiled child that wasn't getting enough attention, it was bent on distraction. So much so, that the owner finally had to turn it off so we could have a conversation.

Don't get me wrong. His pond looked great. It was healthy, the fish were large and vibrant. He was wise enough to put an aerator in the pond and he was reeping the benefits.

But it was not a tranquil setting by any means.

So I told my buddy about the Airmax aeration systems (mainly to protect his long-term hearing!)

In all seriousness though, Airmax makes an amazing pond aerator and they are known for being extremely reliable and long running.

But what makes them stand apart, maybe more than anything else, is that they run quiet. Very quiet.

As you go throught the Airmax lineup, the shallow pond systems (the SW20 and SW40) rate out at, or below 45 decibels. The PS10 all the way through the PS40 run from 50 to 55 decibels respectively.

To put this in perspective a typical (almost silent) dishwasher runs around 40 to 50 db. A normal voice conversation is around 50 to 60 db. A small lawnmover (and my friend's old aerator) might run around 90 db or more.

So you can see, if you're running an Airmax aerator near your home, shop, or deck, you likely won't even notice it's there. And who know's, you might even find the humming relaxing during your pond-side meditations!

All this quiet running is well and good, but the other outstanding quality with Airmax systems is there high reliability rating.

They go to great lengths to track every issue that comes up and through this data, they've been able to refine their designs and manufacturering practices to a point where it's become an absolute rarity that their terrific warranty is ever used!

The standard warranty includes lifetime coverage on the cover, 2 years on the compressor, and 5 years on the alrline and diffusers.

And based on our own statistics, we've found that in 7 years of working with Airmax, we've averaged less than 1 warranty claim per year.

Not a bad reliability record if you ask me, particularly considering how many we sell every season!

Want to learn how to figure out the right aeration system for your pond, and get it installed? It's easy to do. Just watch the video below to learn more.

Why We Chose Airmax Aeration

Airmax Benefits

Since we've been in the pond business for many years now, we could sell just about any brand of aerator or fountain. But the fact is we're picky (probably just like you) and we only choose the one's that we feel offer the best value for the money, day in and day out.

Airmax has always been high on our list of offerings for a lot of good reasons.

  • We mentioned of course that they're quiet - not like a baby sleeping in a crib quiet - but super quiet for an aerator.
  • They're dependable. In nearly 7 years of working with Airmax we have averaged less than one warranty claim or problem per year. Yep, you read that right.
  • Maintenance is minimal, simple, and easy for any pond owner to do themselves.
  • Airmax offers a somewhat unique series of aerators specifically designed for shallow ponds and they are excellent!
  • Use the SW20 and SW40 in ponds up to 1/2 acre and less than 6 feet deep.
  • Use the PS10 to the PS40 for ponds of 1/4 acre up to 4 acres.
  • Use the Airmax Lake Series for ponds up to 6 acres in size.
  • Their diffuser design makes in-the-water installation very easy.
  • From their great looking poly cabinet (with cooling fan and vibration dampening footers) to their stout airline, reliable pumps, and high tech diffusers, every part is top notch.

Listed below you'll find an array of Airmax pond aerators to fit nearly any pond. If you're pond is larger than 4 acres, or deeper than 21 feet, be sure to contact us for more information on the LS series which are specifically made for deeper and bigger waters.

All Airmax Aerators come standard in 115v, 230v systems are optional and available upon request.