When you're looking for a good running, value priced pond aerator for large ponds and lakes, you'd be hard pressed to find anything as good as the Easy Pro and Sentinel systems.

One thing's for sure...when you have a large pond or lake, the expenses of managing it can add up quickly.


But thanks to Easy Pro/Sentinel, you don't have to break the bank to get a powerful aeration package up and running in your pond.

The systems can cover up to 4 acres or more with acceptable depths.The 1/4 HP kits can cover most ponds up to about an acre. The 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP models will effectively aerate up from 2 to 4 acres respectively.

Another cost savings option with the Easy Pro kits is that they can be ordered without a cabinet. If you have an existing structure where the pump could be weather protected, with proper venitlation, then you can forgo the weather protective housing provided in the Sentinel packages.

We do advise that if you make your own cover or cabinet that you allow for very good cross ventilation for cooling. A small fan is useful for this and we include cooling fans in all the weatherproof cabinets that we offer.

The best way to look at the two packages is that the Easy Pro's are the bare-bones, fully operatonal and ready to run systems with all the required components to aerate a large pond. The Sentinel deluxe kits include the powder coated, weather proof, locking steel cabinet, cooling fan, auxillary outlet box inside the cabinet, and a pressure guage.

Both systems repesent a significant cost savings over other large pond aeration systems on the market, yet even with the great price, they have proven themselves to be a hard working, dependable tool for helping improve and maintain large waters.

Listed below you'll find the primary Easy Pro and Sentinel packages. You can select the options you'd like for your aeration system on each individual product page.

Easy Pro Diffused Pond Aerators come standard in 115v, 230v systems are optional and available upon request.