A remote manifold pond aeration system uses some simple components to allow you to run an aerator effectively and efficiently, even if you don't have power down by the pond itself.

In simple terms, the pump and cabinet is placed by the power source, then some type of burial airline, tubing, or PVC is trenched in the ground (6 to 8 inches is common) and by the pond edge, this burial line attaches to the incoming port on the remote manifold.

This manifold will have either a single connection or transition from the burial line to our standard 3/8" or 5/8" weighted lines, or when multiple diffusers are used, each diffuser will have it's own dedicated valve to control airflow to it.  

This way, despite any depth variations, or varied distances from the manifold to a diffuser, all of them can be dialed in for proper air output, or they can be turned off completely if you want to direct air flow to a specific diffuser (as we commonly would for winter operations).

Here's a video showing the Kasco remote manifold, but keep in mind all of our main aerator packages have remote manifold systems available. 

Contact us if you have questions or need help on getting the right remote manifold system set up for your pond.

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