The New Kasco Air Filter Module


The new Kasco air filter module was initially designed to help the pond owner know when to change out the air filter.  But it turns out, there was a massive side benefit to the add-on as well.  

If you don't have the time to watch the video, here's the summary. 

As simple as the air filter is, it's a key maintenance component of any aeration pump.  The filter protects the inside of the pump from dust, dirt, and debris penetration which could ultimately damage it.  As well, this is a part that needs to be changed out when it gets dirty or starts to restrict air flow.  In a nutshell, the quality of the air intake will definitely affect the quality of the air output.  So you need to know when the filter needs to be changed to maintain optimum performance.  

This air filter module does that by engaging a pop up tab that turns red when it senses that the filter needs to be changed.  Its a handy, simple way to keep your Kasco pump running great.

But there was a second benefit (possibly unintended but well received nonetheless).  And that was that the pump sound output dropped by a whopping 34%!  It wasn't like the pumps are that loud to begin with, and Kasco includes sound dampening foam in all it's cabinets, but nothing has improved sound output as much as this little filter module has done.  It makes the Robust-Aire aerators some of the quietest on the market now, and who doesn't enjoy a more quiet, dependable, efficient aerator?

As of June 2020, all Kasco RA systems come with this module included.  It uses the larger air filter cartridge (2.5" bottom diameter filter). For systems purchased before the modules introduction, you can purchase it as an add on component found here.

Kasco Air Filter Intake Module

You can find the new filter module included on all of our Kasco Robust-Aire aeration systems.