Kasco Robust-Aire Air Filter Module - Silencer

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This optional add-on air filter module is designed to work with any Kasco Robust-Aire aeration pump (as well as most other rocking piston compressors) and will indicate when it's time to change out the air filter cartridge (found in the black cannister).  A red ring will pop up when the filter begins to restrict air flow too much.  Keep in mind the air filter is part of standard maintenance on pumps like this, and keeping them in good condition ensures optimum operation and maximizes the life of the pump. 

In additional, in testing this filter module reduced the sound output of the Kasco pumps by about 34%!  Results with other pumps may vary but I would expect a sound output reduction in those as well.

The filter module uses the larger 2.5" diameter filter cartridges found here.

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