Pond Aeration Can Benefit Any Pond



Like a lot of people, you might be asking the question...what's so special about pond aeration?

And we're glad you asked!

Here's where it all kind of started for us.

Many years ago when we started KLM Solutions (American Aeration's parent company) we were still green and learning from a lot of experienced pond management experts.  

And one of those folks was an older fellow named Dave.

We came to really respect Dave for his wisdom and his willingness to share advice and there was one point he stressed to us time and time again.

He said, "if could only have one thing available to really help most any pond that I have ever dealt with, be it large or small, I would say aeration, adding some form of it, would be the #1 thing I would do to improve the pond."

Now granted, we didn't quite know why he was such an advocate of aeration back then, but over the years we've come to understand and agree with Dave on this one.  

There is simply nothing that can do as much for a pond, no matter the size, compared to what aeration can do.  And by aeration we mean several things.  

First you have the sub-surface aerators that use a land based pump, airline, and a device called a diffuser that sits at the bottom of the pond.  That would be one of our favorites.

There's also the surface fountains, which can be really nice to look at (and listen to), and there's surface bubblers, and even circulators that help with a variety of issues.

All types of aeration help fight stagnation in a pond which can lead to a lot of problems.  People who are always fighting algae, or odors, or muck and sludge...these are usually a result of pretty stagnant water.

And aeration is great for fish too.  When the weather get's really hot, the fact is that water simply can't hold as much dissolved oxygen compared to cooler water.  So during the hot temps of summer, it's not uncommon to hear of pond owner's experience a massive die off of fish.  9 times out of 10 it's due to low dissolved oxygen levels.

In contrast, the brutal cold of winter can create a lot of icing on ponds and lakes, and this ice can trap some unwanted things in the water.  Fresh air can't come in and bad gasses can't come out, and that too can lead to problems for fish.  The answer is really simple though.  Just keep a spot of ice open and the problem is solved.  Aerators and circulators work well for this.

Finally, it's a good bet when water quality problems come up, like algae for instance, that the really good, natural beneficial bacteria in the pond (the little workhorses that help keep a pond clean) aren't getting what they need to work well.  Aeration supports them so well that there are times you can clear issues up just by adding some air alone.  No chemicals, no treatments, just a better support system for the natural processes that are in virtually any pond.

So in looks like old Dave was right.  Pond aeration counts for a lot when it comes to good pond management.  There's really nothing that will benefit more.