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PondBiotixME Muck Reducing Pellets For Small Ponds

PondBiotixME is a concentrated, pelletized form of beneficial bacteria that will quickly reduce sludge and muck in any small pond. It's simple and easy to apply.

Now available in 5 LB pails, simply evenly distributed the pellets on the surface of the pond and they will sink directly into any muck that's built up at the bottom. Get between rocks and crevices where even powered pond vacuums may have trouble removing organic debris.

With routine use, you'll keep your pond in better shape and reduce one of the major sources of algae support in the pond.

As with all of our PondBiotix products, ME is safe for fish and wildlife, pets and people. Be sure to use adequate aeration with any of our PB products

Recommended Dosage Rates:

The dosage rate below is a suggested amount for a pond that's about 15' x 10' in size, or 150 square feet. You can adjust this ratio based on your pond size. For example if your pond is 5' x 7' or 35 square feet you would use about 2 oz. of pellets and 4 oz. of product for a pond of about 75 square feet. The product is very safe so these are simply suggested guidelines but there's no need to overdo the treatment. You will gain more ground by simply applying the pellets once a month throughout the season for heavy muck build up.

PondBiotix ME Muck Pellets For Small Ponds

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