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The Kasco Marine RA3 Robust-Aire aeration system is a great aerator for larger ponds up to about 4 acres in size (depending on the depth).

Effective aeration can be achieved in 2 acre ponds 5 to 8 feet deep, 3 acre ponds 8 to 12 feet deep, and 4 acre ponds 12 to 16+ feet deep.

Please contact us if you need assistance on fitting the appropriate sized areator for your pond. We offer a free aerial pond mapping service to insure the best fitting system for your pond.

This 1/2 HP system produces 4.8 cfm's at 10psi. 3.5 amp draw on a 115v and 1.6 amps on 230v (contact us if you require 230v).

The Robust-Aire RA3 system includes:
• One KM-120 model ½ HP Teich-Aire compressor. Cabinet is optional (see below). Weather protection for the pump is required.
• Triple port aluminum manifold with valves
• Three, 100 foot rolls of 3/8 inch Sure Sink weighted tubing. Need more airline? Get it here.
• Three Robust-Aire diffuser assemblies


The standard RA3 package comes with a fully weather proof, lockable, powder coated steel, ground based cabinet, cooling fan, and accessories to provide full protection for the compressor system. A pole mounted cabinet option is also available and can be mounted on a 4x4 post. And finally, if you have a building or structure near the pond already you may choose to get the RA3 system without any cabinet and it will work fine as long as you keep the compressor dry and well ventilated for cooling.


Robust-Aire Diffusers

Kasco Aeration uses superior diffuser materials and design. Robust-Aire has been tested alongside 6 other leading designs by 4 other manufacturers. Between 10 and 44% more
water flow was induced with the same volume of air injected into the water column. The system simply creates more water flow to aerate the pond with the same amount
of air and energy making it the most efficient on the market.

This is the result of an efficient diffuser which allows air to escape at a very low pressure, to produce smaller bubbles with less friction loss. The bubbles are approximately 3mm in diameter. The U-shaped design and placement of the four diffusers enhances the upward flow of water. The diffuser material is durable and cleanable. While nothing is maintenance free, seasonal cleaning of the diffusers in order to maintain efficiency is easy. The hydrophobic material partially repels growth films and can be cleaned with a rag or gloved hand.

Teich-Aire rocking piston compressors

• Provide efficient, continuous-duty operation with minimal maintenance and quiet operation. Units are extremely quiet.
• Included pressure relief valve
• Air filter with replaceable cartridge
• Sound level is less than: 70 dB without cabinet (Window air conditioner), 65 dB with cabinet and acoustic sound proofing (Normal conversation) Updated June 2020 - Now 34% quieter with the new air filter intake module!
• Safely starts under pressure. Maximum operating depth 40 feet.


  • Compressors
    • 3 years on motor (increased from 2 years)
    • 2 years on piston cups and gaskets
  • Weighted Tubing
    • 15 years(increased from 10 years)
  • Diffuser

    • Lifetime(increased from 5 years)

  • Post Mount and Base Mount Cabinets
    • Lifetime(increased from 5 years)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review
Kasco RA3 Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jerry Wilson
A Good Aerator

I have a pole barn not far from my pond. The pond itself is about 2.5 acres. I decided to go with this Kasco aerator with 3 diffusers and mainly decided on it because it came without a cabinet. It was nice that they included the cooling fan with it. It's been running now for a couple of weeks and I'm really happy with it.

Robert Gant
Works As Promised

I picked up the RA-3 aerator for my 2.5 acre pond. It has helped it quite a bit since I installed it. Some bad odors have dissipated and seeing less algae. I think my fish will do a lot better with it too so I'm happy with the purchase.

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