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The Blast Biosphere Booster is, just as the name implies, a perfect boost, or kicker for an ongoing treatment with the Biosphere Pro. We use the Blast at about the 15 day mark, which is midway though each Biosphere Pro treatment of 30 days each. During periods of high heat, or very high nutrients (rain or runoff) coming into the pond, the Blast serves as a way to keep the biological concentration going strong, even when Mother Nature isn't making it easy to do.

Each 8oz water soluble bag will treat a pond up to 1/2 acre in size.

Keep in mind this is a very short-lived, concentrated form of beneficial bacteria. It may work alone, but it's main purpose is to support the Biosphere Pro treatment and it works best that way. It's also useful at helping to degrade bottom muck and sludge.

Blast Biosphere Booster

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