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Beneficial bacteria for ponds is the safest option for cleaning a pond up and restoring it to a state of health and balance. This isn't exactly a new concept, after all Mother Nature has been using this process for millions of years.

We prefer to always incorporate bacteria into our pond treatment programs as a first line defense against a variety of water quality problems. This includes the important work of reducing or hindering the build up of organic material and sedimentation that is so supportive of pond algae blooms. If your pond is really imbalanced you may even have very bad smells and clarity issues as well.

Let's be clear on this, bacteria is not an algaecide and should not be confused as one. Algaecides, as chemicals, are designed to kill algae directly, through contact or absorption. They have their use in algae control planning, but in our opinion they have historically been overused and sometimes abused and this has created more pond related problems than they have solved.

Bacteria does not attack algae directly but by cleaning a pond up of the very things that algae needs to thrive, in an indirect way, algae can be reduced, eliminated, or never allowed to form visibly in the first place. At the same time, your pond can become cleaner and healthier along the way too.

Our philosophy, that we consider a way to "algae proof" your pond, is based on the fundamental idea that by creating a healthy pond, we can create a clear and algae-free pond as well.

To find the best bacteria option for your pond simply select the item that matches your pond gallon volume. All of the products on this page include an "All Season Formula" and will work in water temperature from 34 degrees up to over 100 degrees.

About The Biosphere Pro: The biosphere pro is unique when it comes to beneficial bacteria products for ponds. It uses a patented, time-release system to make sure the pond is doses adequately with the right amount of microbes and it will work consistently for a full month before needing replacement. This means that unlike many liquid or powder products, you don't have to worry or remember to add the bacteria every week or so.

Just toss the sphere in the pond and it will do the rest!

There are four sizes of spheres to suit any size of large pond. The Small Pond Biosphere will treat any pond up to 50,000 gallons. The mid range Biospheres use a biodegradable capsule that you never have to remove from the pond, it will decay naturally over several months. And good news...the largest sphere, the 1 million gallon treatment now uses a biodegradable, six inch sphere as well!

If you want to take the guesswork out of treating your pond with beneficial bacteria, the Biosphere will make it easy to do!

To estimate your pond's gallon volume, take the average width x the average length x the average depth. Then take this total times 7.5 for a total gallon volume estimate.

Volume Pricing Available: Buy in bulk and save some money!  Order 3 spheres or more and get 10% off.  Order 6 or more spheres and get 15% off.  The discount will be automatically applied on the checkout page.

Biosphere Pro Beneficial Bacteria For Ponds

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Martin
Good Results!

Pond looks better than it ever did!

A Gradual Process

It takes time for these to work but they help!

Mark Winston
Easy To Work With

I like the set dosing...you just toss this into the pond and let it work. Wish it were cheaper but it helped!

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