picture1.jpgBeneficial bacteria is one of the very best things you can use to help manage your pond or water garden.

If you've ever wondered how some ponds stay really clear and clean, one of the secrets that's often behind that is pond microbes.

These little bugs do so many good things for a pond that it's hard to count them all, but if we were to narrow down the core benefits, it would be that they serve as a natural pond cleaner, detoxifier, and nutrient manager.

When ponds have problems with algae, whether it comes in the form of green water, or string algae, the root cause behind those things is usually high nutrients from fish waste and other organic things. Beneficial bacteria can target these things directly and actually out-compete algae for the nutrients, and in that way, they can help keep algae in check.

Odors and issues like ammonia, which can be toxic to fish, are also affected by good bacteria. And if you have muck or sludge build up at the bottom of the pond, the bacteria can help with that too. With a highly targeted pellet form of muck digersters, the pond will become cleaner in no time.

Below you'll find several different pond bacteria products that are powerful tools for a small pond owner. The 2500 system and the Pond Biotix SP are best suited for pond wide cleaning and management, while the Pond Biotix ME pellets work great on muck or sludge.

We suggest using any of our pond bacteria with robust aeration for the very best results!