pd4p-pd4pbk-pd4psb-ponddyepacks.jpgPond dyes offer a uniqe way of combating one of the main causes of unwanted plant growth in a pond, and that's sun light penetration. Through photosynthesis, plants get a lot of energy out of the light and a pond tinting dye can help refract or block some of the light from penetrating deeply into the water.

They provide a form of shading which can be very useful, particularly in shallower ponds, or areas of less than 6 feet. This type of pond can be very challenging in terms of limiting algae and plant growth so a pond dye can be very useful in these situations.

The dyes we carry come in three colors. Traditional blue, a blue/black combination, and a straight black color. Some people prefer the traditional blue which has been commonly used in dyes for many years. Other pond owners feel that the black or black/blue combination provides a more natural looking appearance to the pond water, while still blocking some sunlight.

In any case, all of our dyes are very concentrated powder, and each single 4oz packet will treat up to 1/3 acre, up to 4' deep.

You can expect most of these dyes to last for about a month, or possibly longer in most ponds. Weather conditions (rain mainly) and environmental factors can affect the duration of the product.

All of our dyes are made out of safe, non-toxic ingredients although you will want to wear gloves when applying since they are very concentrated!

Pond dyes work well with aeration, and, along with beneficial bacteria, can provide a safe and natural way to keep a pond looking great, all summer long.