ra1-10-7-13.pngAs you may have guessed by our name, we specialize in aeration equipment for ponds. And we have a wide selection of models to choose from so here's a few tips to help sort them all out pretty easily.

When it comes to specific aeration suggestions or requirements there's a couple of things that you, as the pond owner, can do to make sure you're getting the right system for your pond's needs.

Pond Size Matters

First, be sure to get a clear idea of the overall surface area and the depth (average, and maximum) of the pond. One simple rule of thumb is to use some basic measurements and relate them to an acre in size. For example a pond that's 100'x100' is right around a 1/4 acre. A pond 150'x150' is approximately a 1/2 acre, and a square acre of surface area is approximately 210'x210'.

If your pond is pretty large, or oddly shaped, and you don't know the general surface area size, we can also do a pond mapping using Google Earth to determine the numbers. Mapping is also a very good way to figure the exact system requirements and airline lengths for large bodies of water.

Once the depth is considered, then it becomes pretty easy to fit an aerator to a pond. Keep in mind that the deeper the diffusers (the part of the system that goes in the water and releases the air) can go, the more surface area they will ultimately affect. So, shallow bodies of water will requiire more diffusers, or air release locations, to cover them adequately, compared to a deeper pond.

Here's a few suggestions to use as examples. More specific technical information can be found on each model's product page.

General Suggestions For Aeration Coverage

Pond Size



# Diffusers

Model Suggestions

1/4 Acre

6’ or Less



Airmax SW20

1/2 Acre

8’ or Less



Airmax SW40

1 Acre

10’ or Less

1/4 HP

1 - 2

Airmax PS20 or Kasco RA1

1/2 to 1 Acre

10’ Plus

1/4 HP


Airmax PS10 or Kasco RA1

2 Acres

10’ Plus

1/4 to 1/3 HP

1 - 2

Kasco RA2

3 Acres

10’ Plus

1/4 to ½ HP

2 - 3

Airmax PS30

4 Acres

10’ Plus

1/3 to 3/4 HP

3 - 4

Kasco RA3

5 Acres

10’ Plus

1/4 to 1/2x2 HP


Airmax PS40

6 Acres

10’ Plus

1/4 to 1/2x2 HP

4 - 5

Kasco RA4

10 Acres

15’ Plus

1/2x2 HP


Kasco RA6

As you browse around the selection of aerators here, each one will have some note or reference to the size and depth of pond that it will work well in.

Ponds less than 8' deep are best served by using a shallow pond aeration system a surface aerator or bubbler, or a fountain. Ponds deeper than 8' will normally use a rocking piston type of compressor where most can work well down to 20' and some as deep as 50'.

All aerators come standard in 115v, 230v systems are optional and available upon request.

Repair and replacement parts are available for all of our systems. Please contact us should you need anything!