AirMax PS10 Pond Aeration System with 100' 3/8" weighted airline and 1 diffuser - 115V

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For ponds up to 1 acre in size.

The PS10 Aeration system will treat any pond up to 1 acre in size.  This is a full-featured aeration kits and one of the very best, and well made aerators on the market.

The PS10 will aerate...

1/8 acre 3 to 5 feet deep
1/4 acre 5 to 9 feet deep
1/2 acre 9 to 12 feet deep
1 acre 12 feet deep or greater

Please contact us if you have questions about this aeration system and if it's the right fit for your pond's size, shape, and depth.

Kit Includes:Silent Air Cabinet and Pump
100' of 3/8" weighted airline.  Need more? Get it here.
One four membrane stick diffuser / plate
Fittings and clamps.

For detailed specifications please review the data below. Note the low monthly operating costs! Also notice that the deeper the pond, the greater the area of coverage with this system.

1/4 HP
1.5 Amps on 115v
115 or 230 Volts - 115v is the default option listed above.
1.7 CFM
50' Max operational depth
$8.59 24/7 Monthly operational costs (estimated) on 115v.

Customers who are interested in the PS10 may also want to check out the Kasco RA1 Pond Aerator or the versatile and affordable Easy Pro Pond Aerators for similar coverage and performance.  If you don't have power conveniently near the pond, be sure to check out solar pond aeration as a viable alternative.


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