Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Solar powered pond aerators are a viable solution to aerating remote ponds where power just isn't easily accessible.

Windmills can be useful here too but they come with a cost...they don't work if the wind isn't blowing!  So still, calm nights, particularly in the host summer time will still make fish vulnerable to oxygen drops and deprivation.

We've always looked at windmills as a "better than nothing" tool...but in reality they deserve more respect than that.  They really can be useful when no other option exists, but fortunately with advances in solar power, we can now aerate even the most remote ponds with consistent, 24/7 aeration systems.

There are two solar type aerators available today.  Direct drive solar, as we call it, is a more affordable, battery free system that will work during the daylight hours.  For more, round the clock, 20 hour plus per day operation, aeration systems are also available with battery backups to provide power when the sun isn't shining.  

Listed below you'll find an array of aerators most of which are the direct drive type.  The Solaer series includes the battery back up for longer run times.  And finally, although they are not listed here, Kasco Marine offers a solar add on package that can be used with their fountains, surface aerators, and Robust Aire sub-surface aerators, up to the 2HP models.  Please contact us if you have additional questions on those offerings.