Pond Fountains

8400jf-redwoodlit.jpgBeauty With Benefits

For a pond owner, appearance may not be everything, but it's hugely important.  You want your pond to look great and most of us want them to be healthy too.

With all that in mind, here's a fact.  Out of all the options we have for aerating our ponds, there is nothing that quite compares to what a fountain can do.  They offer a unique combination that is exclusively reserved for the pond owners that use them.  

In simple terms, they provide enhanced beauty and great benefits for a pond's overall health and vitality!

Like all aeration systems, a fountain can help to provide increased circulation and oxygenation into the pond water, and when that happens, many natural pond cleaning processes are supported and enhanced.

Fountains work particularly good at aerating shallow ponds where a sub-surface aerator may not do as much good.  They can work in very shallow water (starting around 19").

And since they are surface based, fountains tend to be easier and more straightforward to install and get up and running.

Once in operation, a fountain can really bring a pond to life.  Visually, many fountains are stunning, and there are a number of spray patterns available to create the look or shape that you might want.

Coupled with some accent lighting and you can truly add an elegance to any pond and help to maintain or improve it's condition at the same time!

And speaking of patterns, one of our favorite fountain kits available today is the Kasco JF Series.  We love them because not only are they well made and dependable, but they're really good looking too.

And they don't just come with one spray pattern like so many other fountains do.  In fact, depending on the model, they include 5 or 6 different pattern nozzles in the same kit!   Want a different look in the pond this week?  No problem, just change out the nozzle and you've got a completely different fountain in just minutes.

Sizing A Fountain To Your Pond

Properly sizing a fountain to your pond is really pretty easy.  There are some general guidelines to follow but more than anything, you'll want to go by the look, size and pattern spread of the fountain, and your personal preference for how it might look in the pond.  

Keeping in mind that a fountain is designed to not only look good, but it also has the purpose of aerating a pond, here's a rule of thumb we try to follow.  We like to use around 2 HP (fountain pump size) per acre of water.  So for most ponds around an acre in size, we'd suggest something like the 8400JF model.  A 1/2 acre pond could use the 4400JF, and a 1/4 acre pond would be best fitted with a 3400JF.  Larger ponds might use even larger HP pumps, or a series of fountains rather than just a single one.

Appearance wise, you'll notice when looking over the pattern specifications (these are listed with the pattern images on every product page) that the larger the pump, the higher and broader the spray pattern will go.

So take a few minutes and check out the fountain models we have listed below.  Countless pond owners have enjoyed the multiple benefits of adding a fountain to their ponds, and now you can as well!

Keep in mind too, that we're always here to help.  If you're not sure which fountain, or form of aeration might work best for your pond, be sure to get in touch with us.  We can suggest or even design a system that will work wonderfully in any size of pond or lake.


  • Multiple Patterns in One Unit: Custom-configure the unit to the exact project needs and your personal tastes.
  • Efficient / Low Power Use: Highest efficiency design for low power consumption versus competing units. Reduces operating costs over the entire life of the unit. 11 running amps on 120V and 5.5 running amps on 240V circuits for low operating costs.
  • Clog Resistant: Unique water-deflecting nozzle design gives you the most clog-resistant model on the market. Successful shallow water operation in as little as 19″.
  • Rugged Motor: Environmentally friendly design with a hard-face internal mechanical seal for protection against leaks. Long-life top and bottom ball bearings. Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Superior dependability in salt-water or other corrosive environments. All external metal motor, float, and hardware components are of stainless steel composition and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode.
  • Low Maintenance: Clean the motor housing once or twice per year and replacing the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded.
  • Fully Tested: ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety Standards.
  • Ships Easily: 4400JF ships in 2 or 3 boxes and 4400HJF ships in 3 or 4 boxes via UPS, depending upon cord length selected. (Add 1 box for lights)
  • Dependable: Backed by a two-year warranty
  • Choice of Cord Lengths: SJTOW underwater rated power cord length options of 50′, 100′, 150′, or 200′ (250′, 300′, and 400′ options available with 240V models)
  • Includes two 50′ braided nylon mooring ropes.
  • Made in the U.S.A.