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mountainpond1.jpgLarge ponds come with a unique set of challenges.  They are not easy to clean or necessarily inexpensive to manage, but above all other things, some form of aeration will be a great investment for almost any large pond.  A number of natural processes are supported by increased areation which can ultimately lower the cost of additives and chemicals which might be required to help keep a pond in better shape.  

Along with aeration, and by the way, when we mean aeration, that could describe something like a sub-surface aerator, a based surface aerator or bubbler, a fountain, or a circulator of some type.  We used them all in various settings and when they fit the needs of the pond system.  And we  talk about all of these in more depth throughout this website.  Click on any of the links above to learn more about each of them.

Sometimes, when a pond has some water quality problems, such as an algae bloom caused by high nutrients in the water, we might use something like a beneficial bacteria to help clean things up.  These are strongly supported by aerating since most of these good microbes are aerobic.  They do a great job on reducing muck and sludge, eliminating odors, or reducing algae outbreaks.

Pond dyes are also useful, particularly in ponds with some shallow areas where penetrating sunlight can stiimulate weed and algae growth.  These tinting products are non-toxic and safe to use and come in several colors.

Finally, since we started our pond work originally in the algae control market, we know and understand pond algae quite well.  We were one of the first companies in the U.S. to begin using and selling ultrasonic equipment for algae issues in ponds and industrial settings.  Ultrasound has proven to be a very good tool for large ponds when the fit is right, so if you're having an ongoing algae issue in your pond or lake, be sure to read more about that technology

Maintaining a large pond or lake in pristine condition can be a challenge but it is possible with the right tools and knowledge of how to use them.  You'll find a great deal of information on both of these things as you look around this website!  As far as large pond products go, simply select the category above that matches what you may be looking for and you'll find more information after clicking the link.  If you have any additional questions that we can help with be sure to contact us.

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