AirMax PS20 Pond Aeration System

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For ponds up to 2 acres in size.

The PS20 will aerate...
1/4 acre 3 to 5 feet deep
1/2 acre 5 to 9 feet deep
1 acre 9 to 12 feet deep
2 acres 12 feet deep or greater

Please contact us for a free aerial mapping if you aren't sure of what aeration system will fit your pond the best.

Kit Includes:Silent Air Cabinet and Pump
200' of 3/8" weighted airline
Two four membrane stick diffusesr / plates
Fittings and clamps.

Multiple diffusers are included in this system to help treat larger and potentially more shallow areas adequately.

1/2 HP Compressor
4.1 Amps on 115v
115 or 230 volts - Select voltage above.
4.7 CFM
21' Max operational depth, up to 50' with the deep water kit.
$22.02 24/7 Monthly operational costs (estimated) on 115v.


24.00 (in)
22.00 (in)
22.00 (in)